Mahaveer Agarwal has Carved a niche for his company in the Sector of Stainless Steel manufacturing and exports with his insight and reasoning power

Quick decision based on calculated and analytical observation and an ability to foresee is the key qualities for a good businessman. Mahaveer Agarwal has all these attributes to be a successful industrialist. Agarwal always Possessed that acumen, which is required to emerge as an industry leader, which reflected right from his decision to venture out into an entirely new industry instead of looking after his family business. He has carved a niche in the segment of steel.

Born in june,1972 in Nagaur, Agarwal completed his education up to graduation in Jodhpur in 1990.With his goal fixed on treading a different path, he, however, assisted his father for sometime in the family business of chemicals. In 1992, he came up with his first steel re-rolling unit in Jodhpur by forming a team with his brother and friend. This trio got on well firming up in the trade of steel for initial six year and went on to an expansion spree by setting up the second unit in 1998 followed by a third in the subsequent year. The urge did not die here and 2000 was the year, when he came up with the fourth unit for manufacturing steel utensils with a view to geographical expansion and exporting the utensils to other counties. The steady expansion and diversification paid off and his company was bestowed upon the Export Excellence award for three year in succession for export of sheets. utensils and circle.

He has always remained active in terms of adding new dimensioned to the business and has just come up with a new unit to produce steel tubes. For the success of any business and its steady expansion, one needs to have a global perspective of the industry with a keen eye. He made the best of his knowledge and study on the industry with respect to demand and technology and readily applied it without any hesitation.

Today he boasts of the largest number of industrial units in Jodhpur, which is the lead producer of stainless steel in the country with a presence of over 100 units. Based on the feat, he is no. one exporter of sheets, circles and utensils and the second largest producer of steel in the state. His company has also stuck alliance in China and Dubai with keep eye on overseas markets.